Trevor Craig

Role in R3i

Business development and commercialisation of creative and innovative ideas.


Experience of running technical R&D projects in both academic and commercial environments.

Relevant experience

Trevor has a degree in civil engineering, a PhD in structural mechanics and he is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechnacial Engineers. Early in his career, he worked on research and development projects for both the MoD and for Vickers Shipbuilding at Barrow.

His first business experience was being given responsibility for an office of 12 engineering consultants for an American company, working on earthquake modelling. Following this, he moved to UKAEA in 1992 where he worked on marketing a novel medical instrument.

Trevor has been a Director of REACT Engineering Limited since its inception in 1994 and is also on the Board of HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited and Create Technologies Limited.

Ideal smart idea

A new or adapted piece of technology that makes a real difference to a business or something with the potenital to make a positive improvement in our lives.

Definition of success

Helping take a creative idea and turn it into a commercial success.

“I am particularly interested in helping SMEs to create economic diversification in West Cumbria.”

How to get in touch

trevor [at] r3i [dot] co [dot] uk or contact via website.