Strength in depth

The team at R3i includes a range of experience and expertise as well as tangible energy and. We set up R3i because we’ve realised that running a good business is OK but creating a new success is even better – that’s where we all get a 'buzz'.

And we’d like to share that buzz with you.

If your idea clears a couple of initial hurdles then you’ll have access to our technical resources, our staff and, of course, some of our capital to start the development process. Involvement with R3i will enable you to focus on creating a successful business rather than worrying about recruiting
new staff, negotiating finance or committing to hefty loan repayments.

Those crucial resources will be part of our deal - our strength in depth.

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  1. Peter Woolaghan
  2. Steve Knight
  3. Trevor Craig
  4. Matt Mellor
  5. Mark Robinson
  6. Philip Lee



Experience and expertise
Technical Viability
Established Track Record