Steve Knight

Role in R3i

Director, opportunity development and evaluation, business set up and mentoring.


Strategic planning, business planning and start up, business and operations management and, crucially, sales and sales management.

Relevant experience

Steve initially worked as a project manager in the construction industry and, while working in the nuclear industry for UKAEA, developed a successful and growing commercial business unit selling UKAEA capabilities to external clients.

Together with fellow directors, he set up REACT Engineering to provide engineering consultancy to the nuclear decommissioning market.  REACT has continued to grow over the last 15 years as a commercially sucessful enterprise, with the reputation as a good place to work and a highly respected company to do business with.

Steve has also been actively involved in the creation and development of the HiDef Aerial Surveying business.

Ideal smart idea

“For me, the ideal idea is the next good idea to get stuck into.”

Definition of success

Getting a business to the position where it has a secure future, providing opportunities and rewards for everyone who’s involved.

How to get in touch

steve [at] r3i [dot] co [dot] uk or via the website.