REACT Engineering

Established 1994

What was the smart idea?

Bring together the expertise of a small team of individuals to support a big industry facing the challenge of an even bigger clean up.

Who had the smart idea?

The initial team of three was Pete Woolaghan, Trevor Craig and Steve Knight. Their combined experience rapidly established REACT Engineering’s professional trademarks of independence, innovation and integrity.

“We wanted to make nuclear clean up happen by developing creative engineering solutions and making the most of being a third party who could offer independent challenge.”

What did the R3i team contribute?

The original REACT Engineering team is now the driving force behind R3i.

“We have enjoyed building REACT Engineering but we’re also aware that there are other ideas out there, especially in big organisations where it can be hard for new approaches to take root and grow internally. We want to share what we’ve learnt and turn some other smart ideas into successful businesses.”

How do you measure business success?

“Seeing our influence on projects and creating cheaper, quicker and safer solutions gave us a buzz when we started as it still does today.”

REACT Engineering adds value for our clients by applying our knowledge and experience to the challenges that clean up presents and rationalising – and resolving – these complex problems.

We do this through our people - REACT Engineering now employs more than 30 - and the environment that we create for them to flourish. That same shared buzz is also behind the work that we do with young engineers in West Cumbria and through the REACT Foundation, encouraging young people to study and enjoy science.


Contact for further information: Irene McMillan, imcmillan [at] react-engineering [dot] co [dot] uk

See also for details of the REACT Foundation and its work with thousands of Cumbrian youngsters.

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