Pete Woolaghan

Role in R3i

Business advisor and new start mentor.

Business specialism

Finance and business administration but also a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

Relevant experience

Pete has played a key role in a number new start businesses and he understands the key issues that a new business faces during its early years.  His engineering background also means that he’s able to bring a practical andtechnical perspective to new start technology businesses.

Ideal smart idea

“Smart ideas are at their most striking when the elements that make them work are familiar.  If it addresses a need in a market that is expanding then you have the basic ingredients for something that can be truly fantastic.”

Definition of success

Success is creating something that generates wealth and makes a real, positive, lasting difference from nothing more than the seed of an idea.

How to get in touch

pete [at] r3i [dot] co [dot] uk or via the website.