Matt Mellor

Role in R3i

Responsible for the technical development of new ideas.


Research & Development – exploring new ideas and applying them in unusual situations.

Relevant experience

Matt initially studied engineering science and has a DPhil in information engineering. After several years working in the internationally repected Robotics research group at Oxford University, Matt left academia to focus on the development and practical application of emerging technology. Under the REACT Engineering banner, he has worked on the camera system and vision software for HiDef and, most recently, N-Visage™ and our laser scanning applications.

Matt is now heading CREATEC, an R&D company within the R3i group that is investigating new applications of scanning and imaging technology in a wide range of sectors.

Ideal smart idea

“I enjoy working on the challenge of a different application for existing technology or something completely new – both aspects of innovation appeal and both give me tremendous job satisfaction.”

Definition of success

Success for me is creating something new with useful commercial applications from a gut feeling or the germ of an idea.

How to get in touch

matt [at] r3i [dot] co [dot] uk or via website