Mark Robinson

Role in R3i

Business Development


Strategic business development and also sales and marketing.

Relevant experience

Mark has 20 years’ experience in commercial development, conducting assessments of viability for new propositions and routes to market, then launching new products and services. Over the years, Mark’s worked on communications technology, software, defence and surveillance technologies, scientific services and high definition imagery technology and services.

“I’ve had experience of working in all sorts and scales of organisations, from larger corporate structures to brand new start ups. The thread running through it all is my passion for developing first to market solutions.”

Ideal smart idea

“My ideal smart idea is a technology-led, first to market proposition. For instance, I’d have loved to have worked on the first biofuels or the early unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Definition of success

Enjoying the journey that a new idea or business takes you on, while building something tangible that will create wealth.

How to get in touch

mark [at] r3i [dot] co [dot] uk or via the website