From idea to success

In some ways, how R3i works couldn’t be simpler, but those simple steps mean a huge amount for you and for us:

  • Find an idea - not just any idea but a smart idea that’sbased on your knowledge and expertise and where our past experience can add something valuable.
  • Evaluate it - from technical validity and commercial viability to market assessment and intellectual property considerations. We have an experienced team at R3i and we can call on a network of professional partners for their input too.
  • Agree a business structure - R3i is looking for joint venture opportunities but there are a wide range of detailed structures, agreements and options within this broad category. Together we can find the right one for your idea and new business.
  • Make it work - we’ll be investing – time, money and people - and you might, at first, be continuing in employment. We understand that you may want to ensure that the business takes off before you burn any bridges. We’ll find an approach that works for you.

Contact us to see how R3i could work with you.