HiDef Aerial Surveying

Established 2009

What was the smart idea?

The idea came from seeing opportunities and an emerging market in the renewable energy industry – and across other infrastructure and conservation sectors. HiDef has developed a method for creating digital video surveys as a replacement for conventional methods.

Who had the smart idea?

HiDef‘s unique survey services have been developed through a collaboration between REACT Engineering and David Baillie of Wildcat Flying. The business started as an innovative approach to bird surveys. The addition of R3i’s engineering expertise has created a business that has not only changed the way that data is collected but has also grown from 4 to 55 employees in a 12-month period.

“The initial idea was focused on bird surveys for the offshore wind industry but we rapidly realised that there was huge potential in other vertical markets, from conservation and security through to transport infrastructure developments.”

Mark Robinson, Business Development

What did the R3i team contribute?

R3i was inspired by David’s initial ideas and also by the quality of his creative work. Several members of the R3i team worked with David on a business development plan that focused on the rapidly growing renewable energy sector in Northwest England.

“Our unique use of ultra high definition moving images provides an enhanced survey capability and our data gathering is supported by expertise in survey design and statistical analysis. We can present essential data in a form that clients need and that supports their own business growth.”

How do you measure business success?

The growth in staff numbers and the need to relocate to larger premises in summer 2010 have been indicators of HiDef’s success, as was the immediate interest in the company’s technology from The Crown Estate and a number of global energy companies soon after launch.

Another good indicator has been the rapid creation of partnerships with several companies, such as WWT Consulting (the research arm of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust), that recognised the leap in technology of HiDef’s approach and opted to work with us rather than compete.

“For HiDef, success is about job creation and also about tackling the challenges that our clients throw at us. HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited is a great result of the application of R3i’s commercial acumen, financial investment and network of contacts to a smart idea for an emerging market.”

Website: www.hidefsurveying.co.uk and www.wildcatflying.com

Contact for further information: Elaine Southward via enquiries [at] hidefsurveying [dot] co [dot] uk or telephone 01946 814463

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